Website Design: Bringing A Client’s Vision To Life


Are you an interior designer, architect, or other home professional wanting to update or recreate your website? If you have a vision for your website but don’t have the time or resources to design and code the changes, we can help!

In today’s world, your website is one of your strongest marketing tools. Aesthetics, navigation, content, and technical performance all come into play, and if one of these elements are off, it can make your site drop in search engine results and even put potential clients off. We at Client Expander, understand how to turn a client’s current website into a powerhouse tool for your digital marketing campaign.

Our custom websites are as personalized and unique as each of our clients. And, as our marketing studio works primarily with design industry professionals, our web developers, SEO experts, marketing strategists, and content writers understand how to create a website that holistically caters to the distinct needs of your potential design clients – all the while showcasing your beautiful work, welcoming personality, and unique business brand.


We take our clients’ visions and surpass every expectation- that is our goal. We never compromise quality, and always deliver high-end, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing websites that are prepared to make sales for you.

One of our most recent web development projects is for our La Cañada, California interior design client, Courtney Thomas. We fostered strong communication and collaboration with the client and paired that with our extensive experience and knowledge in interior design marketing; this allowed us to hone in on what her ideal website would look and function like. Courtney wanted a clean, contemporary, and unfussy layout, easy-to-understand content, and an emphasis on rich visuals, including a warm, earthy color palette.


As Courtney’s design studio caters to “livable luxury” lifestyles – often families with young children and pets – an approachable and sophisticated website design was needed to clearly express her brand. To do so, we married Courtney’s request for simple and straightforward content with proper SEO intelligence throughout each page. Courtney’s website now elegantly highlights her successes, work philosophy, design services, and biography in a relatable, transparent, and informative manner; all key components to gaining client trust as well as a high ranking in Google.


Our goal is always to create websites that are beautiful and smart in function, just as we did with Courtney. Our design team not only incorporates what Courtney wants visually and practically with a high quality portfolio, integrated videos, and keyword-rich content, but we also establish intricate technical details that keep the website strong behind the scenes, including impeccable coding, SEO optimization, quick loading times, and a design that looks great on any device and screen size.


As every one of your design clients is different, so are the designers we work with and their website needs. We work tirelessly to bring forth dynamic websites that offer the most benefits to each client; showcasing their best work and accomplishments so that our clients will attract their ideal clientele. Just as we personalized Courtney’s website to reflect her La Cañada design studio, we can do the same for you!

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Find out even more details about our 10 step process for website creation as well as the benefits of working with us on website and branding for your interior design or architecture studio.

Ken Lewis Client Expander CEO

Ken Lewis

Marketing for the Home Improvement Industry

Ken offers unparalleled marketing from a uniquely informed vantage point that arises from advanced SEO and marketing expertise, a deep knowledge of home improvement marketing, the know-how of being a third-generation family business owner, and experience as a consumer of luxury interior design.

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