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It Was Meant To Be – The Story Of
Our Marketing Agency


Born into the World of Design

It was April of 1982 when our Managing Partner Ken Lewis, then just 9 years old, experienced something beyond words- in the mail arrived the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, and lo and behold, his home was in it!

This moment was a highlight of his youth, leaving a deep impression. It felt significant- maybe because it confirmed his happiness with his new living room addition complete with a sofa that felt a mile long and a then rare big screen tv that brought the life-size Brady’s into his home. Or, maybe it was just the simple disbelief that he could be sitting in a room holding a magazine with pictures of exactly where he was sitting.

Ken grew up in one of those neighborhoods where hiring talented interior designers and remodelers was the norm. He saw many versions of his home throughout his childhood, as his parents fondly called in talented home pros interior designers to regularly build additions and provide the interiors with makeovers.

Years later, his family hired a talented young designer for a new home construction that would sweep them off their feet. Just before the final installation, this designer got discovered by Oprah and his career has never been the same. It was Nate Berkus.


The Formation of our Agency

With Ken having such an appreciation of luxury interior design from his youth, it was no surprise that he ended up marrying a woman who also loves design, Saroja. Bringing together his many years of experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and hers with web design, in 2011 they started a sweet little partnership that allowed them to take care of clients together.

Enter their first interior design client. Ken had a deep understanding and appreciation of the services she offered, as well as a knack for communicating to her clientele. Saroja fell in love with her gorgeous project images and developed her website out of pure inspiration.

News of their care, skill, and judgment spread amongst the design community and one studio after the other came to them to have their marketing needs met.

During those years, there was a movement towards hyper-specialization as technologies became incredibly complex to use effectively. For this reason, they began hiring and building their team of specialists.


The Growth of our Team

In 2013, they rebranded by launching a full-scale marketing agency,
Client Expander, devoted to serving the design community.

Their services have expanded far beyond their origins of SEO and website development, with specialization established in Houzz optimization, website optimization, digital PR, video marketing, and social media promotion, as well as in strategic consulting for design brands.

The Client Expander team now stands at 15, and we have the reputation, expertise, and visibility to have acquired a wonderful clientele. Our clients include interior designers, general contractors, architects, structural engineers, manufacturers, and software companies (SaaS) including the industry’s most-subscribed design studio management software, Studio Designer.

Our team spends about 25,000 hours per year working on design marketing- expanding our client’s businesses, revenues, and brands.


We are Proud to be Serving the Design Community

We feel deep satisfaction in partnering with an industry that creates so much beauty and is so passionate about their work.

We believe in what you do for a living, and thus find supporting you as a path of integrity.

As a privately-held company, we are free to act with care and integrity at every step. We only do high quality work, we cut no corners (even when no one is watching), and we delight in having this opportunity to empower design businesses.


At the heart of it all, we are deeply grateful for having been so embraced by the design community and are humbled by the constant accolades and warmth that continuously comes our way.

Now that you know our story, we invite you to meet our exec team:

Managing Partners


Ken Lewis

Chief Strategist


Saroja Lewis

Development Director