Client Expander Reviews

We are thankful that our clients appreciate our dedication to doing the difficult task of digital marketing well.

Gail Doby Interior Design Coach Testimonial

Gail Doby

Pearl Collective

Ken specializes in SEO for interior design firms, and beyond providing excellent results, he is a sweetheart.

He has been a great contributor to Pearl Collective members and has provided valuable strategies and information to help our colleagues get to #1 on Google.

Kimberlee Gorsline Client Expander Testimonial

Kimberlee Gorsline

Kimberlee Marie Interiors

Ken and his team at Client Expander have been an incredible value-add to our SEO efforts. When we started with them we were not showing up on the first page of results in our local market and now we are. Practically this has led to a significant increase in monthly leads and into landing new projects. Their services really pay for themselves! Ken's extensive knowledge of not only SEO but also the interior design industry has continually impressed us and reaffirmed Client Expander was the right choice for our SEO and marketing partner.

Betty Wasserman Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing


We began working together in 2013, they have helped me redesign our website, make it available on all platforms, kept us relevant on the internet with our Google placement both in New York City and in The Hamptons.

There is nothing they cannot do. They are constantly making suggestions to make our social media presence stronger. Client Expander's marketing efforts has been effective in attracting our ideal client and getting the big budget projects that we desire. We could not be happier!

Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors
Wendy Langston Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing

Wendy Langston

Everything Home

Thank you to Client Expander! Your team really makes our work look amazing – we are grateful!

Marisa Lupo Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing

Marisa Lupo

Lumar Interiors

Ken Lewis and his team at Client Expander have been a pleasure to work with since 2013. They worked on both our website remodel and our SEO.

Whatever magic they worked has kept us on the front page of google search for our area. He is highly committed to servicing us and is always there when we have questions or concerns.

Lumar Interiors would definitely recommend Client Expander for design professionals looking to improve their website and their SEO standing.

Interior design marketing review by Studio Designer

As a technology company in the interior designer industry, Studio Designer has a special appreciation for the reliability and professionalism of Client Expander. The wide ranges of services Ken and his team have provided are invaluable for us, and their expertise in marketing and social media is unmatched.

They are more than a service provider; they are thoughtful collaborators who know how, where, and when to communicate each aspect of your company’s story. Studio Designer has confidently relied on their partnership and knowledge for years.

Robert Stone

Studio Designer
Michelle Yorke Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing

Michelle Yorke

Michelle Yorke Design


I have been working with Client Expander since 2013. We started with website creation and SEO optimization. I loved my website then and I still do! My SEO rankings have been at the top of my area consistently and I continually get new clients from finding me in a google search for designers in my area.

The marketing and website updates that Ken and Saroja do for me frees me to do my design work and not worry about the rest! They are not only knowledgeable but professional and truly experts in the field of what they do.

Joanne Jakab Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing

Joanne Jakab

Joanne Jakab Interior Design

After speaking with Ken I knew he and his team would be a great to help me achieve my SEO & web development goals. As a creative business person, I required a team that understands a fashion driven business that is also highly competitive, visual and requires one's unique personality be featured - no small task. Ken and his team have exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend Ken & his team.

I feel Ken has a brilliant mind and a caring heart. He really has an amazing personal journey that has taken him to this career. And, his background has given him the business acumen to meld our need for beautiful photo rich sites with the technical SEO skills to get actual results. The best thing I can say about Ken Lewis is that he really likes and appreciates interior design and interior designers.

His unique system made it so easy. The value is worth 100 times what I have received so far.