Life At The Marketing Agency: A New Website Is Born


After sidelining our own website for years, we finally decided to push it up the priority list and give ourselves the premium look that we’ve been creating for our interior design marketing clients.

Although we are fortunate enough to be able to produce a first-rate website in-house, this didn’t make the process any less elaborate. Our “web dev” team lives and breathes websites for interior designers (and other home pros). We are fanatics about doing every step right- never cutting corners, never compromising on quality.


Like all of our website development projects, it begins with our CEO and our Head of Development sitting down to plot out the project. Brainstorming happens. As many ideas as are generated are discarded. What is left, in this case, is something that hopefully comes across as clean and clear, despite the utter complexity of the digital marketing field.

Once the vision is in place, the project gets introduced to one of our project managers- he sets it up in our project management software to ensure that every task required from beginning to end is created and assigned. This guarantees no stone is left unturned.

He then assigns the task to another project manager- she is the one who ensures that everything is done right and on-time.

digital-marketing-website-designSimultaneously, our Head of Development brings the design concept to our lead web designer. She takes the management’s ideas and brings them to life. For each project, the back & forths between those two go on for weeks, sometimes months. Our Head of Development just loves having everything look extraordinary. She is one of those people that notices every little detail and demands pixel-perfect design.

The completed design eventually gets delivered to our coder who builds the website.

During the design process, our CEO introduces the content needs to our lead SEO. Together, they refine the content plan that speaks to visitors and Google alike. It keeps every piece of content intentional.

The content plan is then shared with our marketing team. They divide up the content writing depending on specialty and availability. Once all of the content gets written to speak to the visitor, done in a fashion that embeds SEO intelligence in every step, the written content gets upload to the resources folder of our front-end designers for later use.

After the planning, wireframes, mockups, finalization of the design, and then the lengthy coding process, we have a website that is structurally ready to have our content loaded, yet otherwise empty. This is when the front-end designer steps in serving as the digital equivalent of a finish carpenter.

Front-end designers layout the pages’ content according to the original design pattern, adjusting each page to fit the unique content provided. The front-end designer requests imagery, when required, from our graphic designer. Yes, that is designer #3 for the process!


Once everything is loaded to the website it gets tested and QA’ed. QA is quality assurance- it is of great importance. We use both tools and do a manual review to ensure that the site is working flawlessly. When done well, QA catches every imperfection so that the client gets a finished product at first view. (Our interior design website clients LOVE us for this. It brings them so much relaxation to receive an error-free final product).


During the QA process, our management reviews the final product with big picture vision and ensure that the goals were met.

To recap this process, it takes the following pros to develop our websites:


  • marketing strategist (our CEO)
  • web design strategist (our Head of Development)
  • project manager
  • SEO specialist
  • website designer
  • coder
  • front-end designer
  • graphic designer
  • copywriter
  • QA specialist

That is 10 people’s fingerprints on the websites we create- and that is before we even start promoting it on social media, via digital PR, in videos, and on other “off-site” promotional channels.

That is the 5-minute story of our 2-4 month process.

Learn more about our interior design websites here.

Ken Lewis Client Expander CEO

Ken Lewis

Marketing for the Home Improvement Industry

Ken offers unparalleled marketing from a uniquely informed vantage point that arises from advanced SEO and marketing expertise, a deep knowledge of home improvement marketing, the know-how of being a third-generation family business owner, and experience as a consumer of luxury interior design.

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