Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are one of the best sources for hot leads. Interior designers and home pros that have solid ranking for multiple keywords tend to find fantastic ROIs on their SEO investment.

Of all correlations in marketing, none outweigh the one between a top search engine position for a main keyword and the growth in revenue. Therefore, it is imperative for brands- especially local ones- to invest in a long-term SEO campaign in order to get their piece of the pie.

Preparing You For Search Engine Success

A major component of most digital marketing campaigns is earning and/or buying traffic from search engine users. Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization for interior designers utilizes the process of optimizing your website for the purpose of getting free traffic from search engines. This is earned traffic and is considered “organic.”

As needed, we also utilize Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which entails buying advertised placement in search engine results, such as via Google Adwords.

Client Expander’s marketing campaigns approach the long-term project of building search engine position in a holistic manner, utilizing on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

SEO for interior designers

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Interior design marketing review by Interior Designer

Our Clients say It Best!


We began working together in 2013, they have helped me redesign our website, make it available on all platforms, kept us relevant on the internet with our Google placement both in New York City and in The Hamptons.

There is nothing they cannot do. They are constantly making suggestions to make our social media presence stronger. Client Expander's marketing efforts has been effective in attracting our ideal client and getting the big budget projects that we desire. We could not be happier!

Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors
Interior design marketing review by Studio Designer

Our Clients say It Best!

As a technology company in the interior designer industry, Studio Designer has a special appreciation for the reliability and professionalism of Client Expander. The wide ranges of services Ken and his team have provided are invaluable for us, and their expertise in marketing and social media is unmatched.

They are more than a service provider; they are thoughtful collaborators who know how, where, and when to communicate each aspect of your company’s story. Studio Designer has confidently relied on their partnership and knowledge for years.

Robert Stone

Studio Designer

Getting Google To Like Your Site

SEO once a specific range of SEO-specific actions. This is no longer the case. Today, SEO is part of the perspective required to create a strong digital marketing campaign. You no longer order SEO like it is an independent service. Search engine positions and relevant traffic increases arise from a well-rounded, holistic digital marketing campaigns that take SEO factors into account at every step of the process.

The SEO industry estimates that Google uses at least 200 “Ranking Factors” in their algorithm to determine search positions. And, according to Google’s reporting, they change their algorithm 500-600 times per year, which is well over one change per day. Most changes aren’t noticed by users or marketers, although they occasionally have a major update that is noticed by all. (You may have heard of some of Google’s famous algorithm updates called Penguin and Panda).

Client Expander’s SEO team doesn’t measure success based on just your website position. Rather, we look to get your site included in as many first page results as possible. This is how we came to Houzz optimization- once Houzz began to dominate search results for interior designers we had a choice of either trying to overpower them (fat chance!) or working with them and learning to optimize within their platform. This led to us all getting certified as Houzz consultants- yes, they have a marketing certification program- and to us establishing a designated Houzz optimization team.

Our SEO team studies your Google neighborhood- the results of your main keywords- and ensure that you get positioned within as many of them as possible. Read more about this in a way that helps you understand your online presence better here: Seeing The Future: Case Study of Your Business.

We work on developing both your obvious keywords, such as “your town + interior designer” as well as what are called long-tail keywords. Long-tails are longer keywords, such as “your town + luxury + interior designer” and they are a huge opportunity for getting traffic from clients that are further along in the sales process and know what they want. When someone finds your site because they searched for a long-tail keyword, such as: “your town + best designer for kitchen remodeling”, for example, they are much more likely to convert into being a client than the broad traffic from “your town + interior designer.” The long-tail keywords tend to be searched by hot leads as opposed to those searching broad keywords which are often those earlier in the buying process with undefined goals.

Part of ranking for many long-tail keywords is having a content strategy- often blogging. We offer blogging a la carte if you prefer that we take this off of your plate too.

SEO for your website is more complex than we explained here- optimization takes incredible focus, dedication, and long-term commitment. With an estimated 200 ranking factors, our team is constantly busy working to strengthen the signals that lead to your success.

Curious about what goes into how Google decides on search result positions? These SEO articles attempt to decipher the Ranking Factors based upon studies of correlation, patents filed by Google, and by Google announcements and leaks:
2017’s Four Most Important Ranking Factors, According to SEO Industry Studies
2017 Local Search Ranking Factors
We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO
General Ranking Factors

Rest assured that we stay on top of all such industry reports so that we can be the best stewards of your marketing budget.

Hopefully this expands your understanding of SEO. SEO is not just having your website listed high in Google search results. It is also about being visible on as many top ranking sites as possible.

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Search Engine Optimization for Interior Designers

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