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With Houzz dominating the search engine results of your most important keyword, it is vital that when traffic goes to Houzz that you will show at the top of their directory. We can help.

As you certainly know by now, Houzz is a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community. Houzz has over 40 million users, listings of 1.5 million home pros, 25 million unique monthly visitors, and more than 4 million photos loaded to its platform.

Why You Need Houzz Optimization

Houzz offers opportunities to promote your local services via their Pro directory. What makes their directory so powerful is their search engine positions. Many Google searches for interior designers and other home pros deliver results with Houzz at the top of the organic listings, just below the local 3-pack.

Given the quantity of qualified leads that land in the Houzz Pro Directory, it is an essential aspect of any home pro’s marketing campaign to get their profile optimized.

Optimized profiles get higher positions in the Houzz Pro Directory which ensures that your portfolio and reviews are getting seen by your target clients. Whether you are seeking short jobs like custom window treatments or long ones like luxury full home redesigns, Houzz is successfully delivering hot leads.

Many of our clients have had substantial projects come from Houzz- almost always to their surprise.

We are THE Houzz Optimization Experts

Here at Client Expander we have a designated team of marketers that exclusively work on Houzz management and optimization. We are all “Certified Houzz Marketing Consultants”- a Houzz marketing training program with a qualification test.


What sets us apart are the tens of thousands of hours of Houzz management and optimization work that we’ve done, viewing it through an SEO lens.

Our CEO Ken Lewis has been internationally known for his Houzz expertise since this 2013 article about how to use Houzz to promote a Landscape Architecture business.


As experts in Houzz profile management and optimization, Client Expander consistently gets clients top organic Houzz positions including in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto, and in endless towns across the country.

To get Houzz success for our clients, we have a designated Houzz team that works 5 days a week on Houzz management and optimization. Included in our marketing packages is loading all of your images, writing descriptions of the projects and images, setting the tags, and ensuring that every single possible action is utilized in order to get your profile more visibility.

Houzz optimization is much more straightforward than Google optimization- there are less moving parts and their ever-changing algorithm – the mathematical equation that weighs the value of each performance metric and translates that to one’s position in their directory – typically makes more sense as it rewards the designers that are the most active professionals, with the most great reviews, popular images, and regular activity on Houzz.

Houzz has been a tremendous tool to drive new project leads to our clients. If you are not benefitting from it yet, the time is now.

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Our Clients say It Best!


We began working together four years ago, they have helped me redesign our website, make it available on all platforms, kept us relevant on the internet with our Google placement both in New York City and in The Hamptons.

There is nothing they cannot do. They are constantly making suggestions to make our social media presence stronger. Client Expander's marketing efforts has been effective in attracting our ideal client and getting the big budget projects that we desire. We could not be happier!

Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Our Clients say It Best!

As a technology company in the interior designer industry, Studio Designer has a special appreciation for the reliability and professionalism of Client Expander. The wide ranges of services Ken and his team have provided are invaluable for us, and their expertise in marketing and social media is unmatched.

They are more than a service provider; they are thoughtful collaborators who know how, where, and when to communicate each aspect of your company’s story. Studio Designer has confidently relied on their partnership and knowledge for years.

Robert Stone

Studio Designer

Organic vs Pro+

We are often asked about Houzz’ advertising- does Houzz Pro+ make sense?

There is no universal answer. Many of our clients invest in it, many others do not.

We can share that as with Google Adwords, if you are paying, you entirely lose your position if you stop. So, optimizing for organic has long-term advantages- you have long-term ownership of your investment.

Also, if you have a top organic listing in Houzz you will get many more impressions and profile views than from Pro+ advertising. For example, we spoke with a Houzz rep (“rep” in Houzz language means salesperson) and she was pitching for our client to sign up for Pro+ in a major city. As marketing minds we needed to know how many other interior designers are enrolled in Pro+ in the city so that we understood what kind of visibility we should come to expect. The answer was 150. That means that our client would be paying hundreds of dollar per month to be seen near the top at highest frequency of once every 150 searches.

Whereas through our organic effort she is at #1 in the city and that is for every single time someone searches- that is 150 out of 150 searches. 150x better!

With that said, there are other benefits to Pro+, but we don’t view them as being significant enough to take into much consideration.

Thus, our recommendation is to always privilege organic over paid Pro+. And, if extra budget is available, we can discuss with you whether it makes sense to consider Pro+ in your case as every situation is different.

Quality Leads

Sometimes designers ask us if Houzz leads are typically for smaller projects on tighter budgets. Fortunately, many of our clients have gotten upscale, full-service, full-house design projects from Houzz leads. Some get such leads consistently. Regardless as to their financial position, when homeowners don’t have a solid referral from a friend, which happens for many reasons including moving to a new place, they turn to the Internet for answers.

We also hear of clients not wanting to use their friend’s interior designers- to have a place that feels more unique to them.

Not only does Houzz optimization directly lead to quality leads- it helps with building a strong search engine position. The digital world is a small place and our web of connections all tell our brand’s story. Google looks at brand’s entire digital footprint in making determination of where and when they show our website in search results. Strong positions and lots of great reviews on sites such as Houzz are noticed and rewarded by Google. Google often shows Houzz review scores in their local listing information box- part of Google MyBusiness- indicating that they track Houzz actions and hold them to be valuable pieces of information.

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