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Houzz Optimization

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Houzz Optimization


Houzz is a multi-billion dollar marketplace that has invested tens of million dollars into self-promotion.

Houzz is at the top of Google search results for local home pro searches and receives an estimated 67% of all home pro search traffic.

Homeowners that previously only hired home pros referred from friends are now equally turning to online search of portfolios and reviews.

40 million people visit Houzz every month. Houzz reaches an affluent, educated audience who are actively remodeling and decorating. 90% are homeowners. 70% are college graduates. 66% have a household income greater than $100K. 79% have a home valued at more than $200k, and 29% have a home valued at more than $500K.

Billions of dollars every year are invested in home improvement projects through pros discovered on Houzz.

Countless pros have reported multi-million dollar budgets from Houzz leads. Whether your business aims for smaller and quicker projects or larger and longer ones, Houzz leads can be a serious contributor to your business’ bottom line.

Houzz Local Home Pros Promotion


53% of searchers have been found to click on the first result, making that top position a much-coveted treasure–providing status, credibility, visibility, leads, and sales.

A top position is the digital equivalent of a Park Avenue retail location. It often creates instant credibility, gets a ton of traffic, and leads to surges in revenue.

The #1 listing in the pro directory is organic (it is a free profile that is well optimized). Optimization is the one and only way to get to the top. And, it is the only viable way to consistently be seen by ALL local searchers.

Optimization of a Houzz organic profile is a better investment than Houzz’ paid Pro+ advertising.

Houzz Earned Organic Positions


  • Organic positions are more consistent than the paid Pro+ positions that Houzz sells. An organic listing always shows in the #1 spot. Paid positions are marked as sponsored and at best show below the top organic position.
  • Pro+, pitched as a one-size-fits-all solution, puts you in rotation with all other subscribing pros in your area. Houzz has shared with us that some markets have as many as 150 home pros in the Pro+ rotation, leaving your profile seen near the top only 1 out of every 150 searches. The odds are simply stacked against you in being seen by the right client at the right time.
  • Earned organic positions through optimization are inherently more credible than the paid ones via Pro+, as the Pro+ results are labeled as ads, as “sponsored.”
  • No amount of investment directly with Houzz will get you to being seen in the #1 position – you just can’t buy that type of advertising. At best, Pro+ advertisers are shown in rotation as high as the second position –never as #1.
  • Pro+ sometimes delivers results (we aren’t saying it is all bad). However, it is a far inferior investment to organic Houzz optimization. The ROI is always better in optimization over advertising – as seen not just in Houzz, but also in Google, and in all other search engines and directories.

All marketing pros agree–optimization delivers a superior ROI than advertising.

Houzz Certification for Marketing Consultants


If your design studio or home improvement company has great reviews and project images, all you need in order to have a strong stream of ideal incoming projects from Houzz is to get more visibility–to get to the top.

We are the only full-service providers of Houzz Management and Optimization services, as per training received directly from Houzz and through years of experience. We utilize an extensive 25-point profile optimization list that ensures that your profile meets Houzz’s expectations on profile completion, tagging, and engagement metrics.

Our Houzz efforts involve working on our clients’ profiles 5 days per week, doing what it takes to build strength to the profile. With daily improvement to your Houzz profile, you are likely to get the same level of Houzz success as all of our other clients.

Our goal is to use Houzz Optimization to earn you a consistent #1 position, so that all local searchers, every time, see and consider your business first.


Here's the deal:

  • We optimize not just for Houzz' current algorithm but for anticipated future changes–always working to keep you ahead of the pack.
  • All we need from you is access to your account, new project images when you have them, and ideally, a regular stream of reviews–from your clients and from colleagues, tradespeople, and vendors. (We'll even coach you on how to get them more easily.)
  • Management and optimization fees are $500-1500/month depending on your location and category.
  • Minimum contracts are one year.

Client Expander Exclusive Marketing Services

Why Client Expander?

We exclusively provide marketing services to the design industry.

We are deeply embedded in a web of relations in your industry, have expertise in optimization techniques, and are the authorities in Houzz pro directory optimization. Our agency was started by SEO expert Ken Lewis, with the view that being found via search is paramount to home pros for enhancing their traffic and expanding their profits. No one is better qualified to manage and optimize your Houzz profile than us. We stand accountable not just to you but to your entire industry. We are in this for the long-term and act accordingly.

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