Interior Design Marketing

Interior Design Marketing

We leverage Search Engine Optimization, social media promotion, digital PR, and Houzz optimization to help you attract ideal clients.

Interior Design SEO

Interior Design SEO

To drive traffic and qualified leads to your website, we craft and implement advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods.

Design Vertical

Design Vertical

We implement marketing campaigns raising awareness and revenues for those selling products and services to architects and designers.

Website Development

Interior Design Websites

The creation of a website that will serve as a powerful sales tool requires a development team with foresight, marketing intelligence, and ample time.



Internet Marketing

Masterful campaigns that get your phone ringing

Developing an Internet Marketing campaign is part art and part science.  It is both highly technical and mechanistic, and totally creative and playful. brings all that we’ve got to give you a powerful marketing campaign.  We don’t just do the essentials of SEO and social media management, we also tend to the particulars, such as carefully following your analytics to track your traffic and follow their movements on your site.  We implement innovative advertising strategies, upon request, that distinguish you from the crowd and save you money by demographic targeting.

Basically, we do everything that you need for your marketing, but don’t want have the time and/or skills to do yourself.  We become your marketing department.  And, we get your phone ringing with qualified leads.

Our activities lead to more demand on our clients’ services, which allows them to chose projects which are more desirable.   Our clients benefit from increases in sales which more than off-sets their marketing expenses.   Their ROIs are fantastic, and their firms become busier and more prosperous.

That is why we are the industry leader in interior design marketing.

quotes  The results have been very positive and most of my new, non-referred leads come from my website.

I am pleased to recommend him to you. I feel very fortunate to have found Ken and to have the opportunity to work with him!


Karen Hartley Interiors


Search Engine Optimization- our specialty

Everyone loves having an SEO expert on their team.  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what we do to bring our clients’ sites to the top of Google and the other search engines for their keywords. Without visibility in the search engines, a site is nothing better than an online brochure. SEO makes your business easily found by those who seek your services. Investing in SEO is the modern equivalent of placing an advertisement in the phone book- it is purchasing placement where prospective clients turn in the moment they need your service.

SEO takes years to learn and even longer to master. By choosing an SEO provider that specializes in your industry, you are buying into an existing commitment and partnership. As interior design SEO providers, we live and breathe marketing for your industry. Our specialization in the interior design industry ensures our clients the quickest and strongest results available. We are the leading provider of SEO for interior designers. Whether you are a Princeton Interior Designer or a luxury faucet company targeting designers, contractors, and builders, we’ve got the expertise to get you placed for your keywords.

quotes  I feel Ken has a brilliant mind and a caring heart… his background has given him the business acumen to meld our need for beautiful photo rich sites with the technical SEO skills to get actual results.


Joanne Jakab Interiors

Houzz Marketing

A skillful response to the hot marketplace of Houzz is the hottest site these days for the home vertical. It is often at the top of search engine results. This means that your potential clients are likely visiting their marketplace of images before they even find your website. Many of those who have embraced Houzz as a marketing medium are seeing magnificent results from their efforts. However, as it becomes even more popular, it becomes increasingly difficult to get a first page Houzz position.

Borrowing from our decades of SEO experience, we have reverse-engineered Houzz’ search algorithm and thoroughly understand what it takes to maximize our clients’ Houzz positions. We provide guidance to our clients who are actively engaged with Houzz, and we do our own “invisible” thing to maximize their visibility. In Internet Marketing one can’t afford to leave any stone unturned.

quotes  I have been working with Ken Lewis for about two years.  He developed my website and has done extensive SEO work to reach my target market.

People frequently complement me on my website.  More importantly, Google searches in this area generally place my listing in the top three, often first, and other searches generally also place my web link at or near the top of the list.


Karen Hartley Interiors

Social Media

Networking with the new, staying in touch with the old

You need to demonstrate trust, respectability, and expertise for someone to want to hire you. This happens best over time. Social media is an opportunity to develop relationships in a safe, sales-free environment. It allows people to watch you- to see your successes as you post your new projects. And, it allows them to casually warm up to you and your offerings. Consider it the modern equivalent of the practice of meeting with your extended community in the village square or meeting hall.

When used wisely, social media can bring traffic to your site, increase your branding, and strength your SEO. It is best done integrated with the rest of your marketing campaign. Skillful use of the major social media platforms, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, and LinkedIn, can open up unexpected doors and lead to many new sales. We integrate social media campaigns with your core interior design branding and SEO so that your firm maximizes its social ROI.

quotes  One month after signing up with Ken Lewis it’s already giving me front page for my town and I am sure it will gain the same for the other local town I am targeting for my business.  He had my site up and running before I knew it!

And, now we are in ongoing contact to continue to develop and grow the site.


Joanne Jakab Interiors

Public Relations

Media placement, mixed with SEO, is a recipe for success

Public Relations is considered “earned media.” The only other major earned media is SEO. What this means is that when people gain exposure to your brand via either of these earned medias they receive it as a referral rather than as a sales pitch. People hang up on telemarketers, toss junk mail, and click “spam” when they receive junk emails. However, they never push away a magazine or newspaper when they encounter a reporter mentioning you and your offerings.

A successful P.R. campaign is a time consuming affair that doesn’t fit into every firms’ budget. Our first P.R. campaign was such a wild success that we are almost embarrassed by the false nationwide public perception that our story was simply “naturally” newsworthy and not pitched. We learned that if you toss a ball to journalists in a way that makes their reporting easy and successful, that they will hit that ball out of the ballpark. For interior design firms with a compelling story to tell, we look forward to more opportunities to earn major media mentions.

quotes  Ken developed an ad campaign we have used on Google Adwords and on Facebook.  He has knowledge of and appreciation of the work of interior designers and understands the benefits of the services we provide. He also has a clear understanding of who our typical client is and how to best target those people.

In addition, he has been a delight to work with, a great listener, and a very consistent web developer.  


Karen Hartley Interiors

Website Design

Functional, attractive sites without development burdens

We can do SEO on your existing website or we can create one for you.

If design is your art, then your website is the frame that shows it off.  We create websites that maximize the presentation of your images so that potential clients drool.  A great website for your industry steps aside and invites the viewers’ eyes to ogle your work.  It lets them focus in on what is important, and it invites them to make the call to build a business relationship with you.  Many designers make pretty sites that are good only as brochures.  We turn that around, and make search engine optimized sites that serve as powerful sales tools.  Or, if you have an existing site, we can evaluate it to see if it can be turned into a SEO-friendly sales machine.

We don’t take website development lightly. We expend a tremendous amount of energy into client site development so that it has the best design, coding/programming, marketing, and SEO intelligence. Most web developers approach the design and coding at most, creating an incomplete product. This is like getting an Ikea designed kitchen rather than one that is carefully customized by a designer to fit your tastes, needs, and the space.

quotes  His unique system made it so easy. The value is worth 100 times what I have received so far.

The best thing I can say about Ken Lewis is that he really likes and appreciates interior design and interior designers. I hope many designers sign up with Ken and get to experience what I have experienced.


Joanne Jakab Interiors


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When technical knowledge and creativity marry diligence and dedication, magic happens.

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