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We help your interior design studio generate online sales leads by implementing a carefully-crafted digital marketing campaign. We can also develop a mobile-friendly website that implores site visitors to want to do business with your design studio.


Our main digital marketing services are digital PR, social media promotion, SEO, video, and Houzz optimization.

Our campaigns deliver strong results because we leverage our expertise in the design industry to implement strategies uniquely suited to your offerings. We don’t waste your time and budget. We don’t grope in the darkness of an unfamiliar industry. Rather, we build your brand and bring your visibility to new heights by polishing your brand’s messaging, increasing its visibility, and elevating its prestige.


Interior Design Marketing

Our marketing agency began to specifically serve Interior designers. Our interior design studio marketing services include digital PR, social media promotion, SEO, video creation, and Houzz optimization. Your customized web marketing campaign will have a relentless focus on brand building, with the complementary objectives of developing quality sales leads, as well as by increasing the stature of your business in your community.



Smart Interior Design Websites

We develop smart websites that communicate your brand’s messaging and positioning, as well as exude class. These responsive websites automatically adjust for easy viewing across all sizes and shapes of display. With user and search engine expectations demanding a solid experience across all devices, every website needs to have the best possible look and feel on all screen size and Client Expander develops sites to achieve such ends.


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Why Work With Client Expander


Design Industry Expertise

Your business operates in the unique environment of the design industry, and so does ours. Since our inception in 2011, our team has averaged 25,000 hours per year working on design industry marketing. We’ve developed deep market intelligence on how to communicate brand messaging in approaches that convert. We invested thousands of hours developing our proprietary Digital PR system, the Design Marketing Network, so that our clients get an immediate and constant flood of digital media mentions. We value clear communication and work to attain a deep understanding of the objectives of your business. Our goal is to build long-lasting, productive relationships with our clients.


Superior Marketing Value

You’ll avoid paying for an agency to learn about your industry.

The challenge of most marketing campaigns is understanding the mentality of buyers in a given industry. When an agency is switching from promoting restaurants to car washes, hotels to architects, from the mainstream to upscale buyers, they can never truly understand the psyche of a given consumer nor create best practices on how to market to them. This results in agencies implementing strategies that worked great in other industries than yours- a recipe for disaster. Client Expander has an expertise in interior design studios. We know this terrain well and guide your interior designer marketing campaign with efficiency and effectiveness because of it.


Accountability in Action

We are fanatic about project management so that nothing is left undone.

Digital marketing entails hundreds of inter-related activities that all need to be carefully planned and implemented. Our proven project management processes ensures that all marketing activities are covered at the right time in the proper manner, free of any delays or forgetfulness. In digital marketing, it is essential that the entire campaign comes together seamlessly to ensure that your investment yields the best possible results.


About Client Expander

Our boutique design marketing agency has a team of 15 marketing specialists, with the expertise and dedication to help you meet your sales objectives through the implementation of refined campaigns on affordable budgets. We continually challenge ourselves to stay at the forefront of the interior design marketing industry. Our team confidently tackles growth issues for our clients and consistently delivers stellar results. 85% of all new clients are from client referrals as most of our clients have ROIs that far exceed industry norms.

Our CEO Ken Lewis is an authority in the field of interior design marketing and is regularly quoted by the media for his expertise on Houzz optimization, social media for interior designers, and holistic marketing strategies for interior design studios.

To give you highest-level service from the very beginning, schedule an appointment to discuss your Internet marketing or website development needs with our CEO Ken Lewis.

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