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The Design Marketing Network is our proprietary Digital PR system. It took thousands of hours to develop over a decade and is utilized to support the marketing needs of all of our interior designer clients, as well as other home pros that fit the mold, such as architects and builders.

The Design Marketing Network consists of Key Interior Designer, Angelica Angeli’s Style Reporter Network, Dezyner, and some proprietary secret sauce.

Key Interior Designers include Pinterest, a very active Facebook page, and Twitter. As a client, you’ll get a Pinboard on the Key Interior Designer Pinterest channel and like everything else, we’ll completely maintain it for you so that you have nothing to worry about.

When you have new project photos, just share them with us and we’ll load them to your website, Houzz, and social channels. We make marketing easy!

We publish promotional content to Angelica’s network, including her blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and her article network- see some of her articles here.

If you click on each of those links, you’ll begin to understand what a force it is to have Angelica’s network to support your Digital PR efforts.

Having a presence in the Key Interior Designers network, as well as in Angelica’s network, provides you with two independent sources serving as your cheerleaders!

We also promote our clients on our Client Expander channels, targeting a design industry audience that gets them better known by their fellow designers, publishers, and editors.

On LinkedIn, we often network on our clients’ behalf, making new connections for them that might serve as a source of referrals, such as with architects, builders, and Realtors. And, we post there too as to reach local professionals that might be too busy for other social media.

For most of our clients, our social activities supplement their personal efforts. We provide the regularity in posting so that they never have to feel pressure to get online. We provide a diversity and reach in social posting that they could otherwise only dream of. We free them from relying on just one message of “look at me” by posting across our entire Design Marketing Network, where in an unbiased, third-party voice, we can say “look at them.”

Some of our clients prefer to never touch their social channels and we run them completely. The choice is yours.

Your marketing investment ensures that a team of professionals are working daily to get your brand known.

All of our campaigns are designed to run without the clients’ ongoing participation, as we know you’ll get really busy and we don’t want to burden you with marketing matters.

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Betty Wasserman Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing

Our Clients say It Best!


We began working together in 2013, they have helped me redesign our website, make it available on all platforms, kept us relevant on the internet with our Google placement both in New York City and in The Hamptons.

There is nothing they cannot do. They are constantly making suggestions to make our social media presence stronger. Client Expander's marketing efforts has been effective in attracting our ideal client and getting the big budget projects that we desire. We could not be happier!

Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors
Interior design marketing review by Studio Designer

Our Clients say It Best!

As a technology company in the interior designer industry, Studio Designer has a special appreciation for the reliability and professionalism of Client Expander. The wide ranges of services Ken and his team have provided are invaluable for us, and their expertise in marketing and social media is unmatched.

They are more than a service provider; they are thoughtful collaborators who know how, where, and when to communicate each aspect of your company’s story. Studio Designer has confidently relied on their partnership and knowledge for years.

Robert Stone

Studio Designer


Instead of maintaining separate Pinterest accounts for each client, we add our clients to a shared account under the Key Interior Designers name.

By creating a pinboard here to feature your company, you instantly get the visibility of an established channel.

Here are some statistics for this channel:

Pinterest Statistics Report

Client Expander’s Design Marketing Network is a well-oiled marketing machine that new clients get added to quickly with the full marketing benefits that would otherwise take a digital marketing agency years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to create.

The Design Marketing Network is your way to leverage our years of promotional efforts in the design industry.

Read about how our Design Marketing Network would be incomplete without our interior design video marketing.

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