Finding The Owner Of A Website & Accurate Contact Details


Sometimes it is very helpful to get accurate contact details for a website.

Whether the owner of the site has stolen your intellectual property, or you are want to know more about a company before doing business with them, it is helpful to know how to look up their true contact details- not just what they present to the public.

Here is the effortless one-step process:

Go to and paste in the full url/domain name of the website.

Then full ownership details will display unless it the owner has paid extra to make ownership private (which is rare in the design world, but more commonplace amongst us tech workers).

Let’s see the screenshots of this to make it even easier to understand.  I will use the domain name of the guy who stole my marketing copy and attempted to mimic my offerings and practices:

domain registrar search

And here are the results that show the owner behind the website that stole my copy:

results for domain registar search

This shows me where his domain is registered (FastDomain), where his website is hosted (BlueHost) and what his name and contact details are (Chris…).  It also show he first purchased his domain name in December of 2011.

That is how I found the man (Chris) behind the company that was copying from me.   His name was not and is still not on his website (except in his fake client testimonial).  The public wouldn’t know he is the owner of the site, but the domain registrar knows it all.

So, if you are having difficulties in hunting down a site owner that has stolen your images, try the above technique to get their name and phone number.


Note: I only provided screenshots of the offending website’s domain name because I don’t want them to get a Google boost from a link from my website.  Be careful of giving those who stole from you clickable text links, which helps them in Search Engine Optimization.  The above mention of Chris’ company cannot be read by Google and thus they don’t see my talking about him as an endorsement of him (thankfully!).

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