The Art & Science of
Digital Marketing:
Client Expander Style



Marketing is an essential business tool that supports the consumer in getting their needs met while simultaneously allowing businesses to meet their organizational goals.

Marketing is the calculated, methodical effort of making a brand known, liked, and trusted by consumers- which are the three main components required to get sales.

As marketers, we understand the role of influence in our work. To be true to our values, we only accept clients that are doing good in this world. We value integrity and the highest level of business ethics and expect the same of our clients. We don’t work for a quick buck, and we don’t do marketing for those who do. We are professionals serving professionals.

If we weren’t marketers, we’d likely be home designers and builders. We are inspired by your profession, value what you bring to the world- making the world a better place one space at a time- and are grateful to have the opportunity to support you.

We use our creativity, technical knowledge, and marketing might to support our clients in achieving their brand and sales objectives. Our biggest reward is seeing our clients’ businesses thrive as they make the world more beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

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Our digital marketing packages work in linear and circular trajectories.

Linear reflects the natural growth and maturity of a campaign. Some things need to be done sequentially and don’t need to be revisited. For example, the discovery process where we learn about your company’s values and goals or the creation of social profiles.

Circular activities refer to the endless cycles in the marketing world, where we begin with an idea, turn it into actionable tasks, create content, promote the content, measure engagement metrics, and then analyze the data to better inform our next promotional cycle. For example, the results of promoting a video for you today will influence how we design your next video.




Gathering your details via our client intake form:

  • Logins
  • Preferences
  • Digital assets

Understanding your:

  • Brand
  • Values, history, and the current state of your business
  • Unique selling proposition- how you are differentiated from your competitors

Website Development

Auditing your website using our proprietary 100-point process, followed by:

  • Suggested changes, redesign, or development suggestions,
  • Website optimization

Or, developing a custom website for you, with:

  • Rooted in our expertise in interior design and home pro marketing
  • Custom designed
  • Custom code
  • Fully optimized
  • Code compliant
  • Mobile friendly responsive viewing

And, optionally:

  • Hosting and Site Maintenance: securing your site on our optimized server for the fastest available load speeds and the least hassles, while keeping your site updated to avoid security encroachments.
  • Email and Domain Support: setting up your email systems and resolving your technical issues so that you can stay focused on your business.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Develop and implement your digital marketing campaign utilizing these actionables:

  • On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO): building your site’s relevance by optimizing it for search engines which includes adjusting all meta-tags, implementing an internal linking strategy, ensuring supportive headers, and developing a keyword strategy,
  • Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO): cultivating your site’s popularity and social proof by building backlinks on major directories, social media sites, and other relevant & significant websites,
  • Houzz Optimization: generating leads by managing your Houzz profile so that it is more informative, attractive, functional, and visible.
  • Digital PR: building authority through media mentions across a large network of blogs, design sites, and mainstream digital media sources with this unique form of content creation.
  • Video Marketing: transforming still images into moving visuals that set you apart from your competition by making you appear more professional and polished.
  • Social Media Promotion: publishing all digital PR, videos, and marketing assets across multiples social platforms and pages (The Design Marketing Network), so that your content consistently gets delivered via both organic and paid (advertising) delivery to your target audience.

Optional add-on services:

  • Blogging: creating regular content for your website to satiate your viewer’s curiousities, to allow them to get to know you better, to provide Google with a wider net of keywords to refer traffic to, and to display to the world that you are an active business.
  • Copywriting: crafting words for your site to convey professionalism, build rapport, and simultaneously inform Google as to the value of your site.
  • Search & Display Ads: leveraging Google Adwords and other advertising networks to expand your reach both on search engine results (search ads) and on sites across the web (display ads).
  • Newsletter/emailing: communicating with your subscribers to keep you fresh on their mind, establish your expertise, and build multiple relationships at once.

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