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The Client Expander company delivers innovative digital marketing services to design industry companies including interior designers, architects, landscape architects, builders, manufacturers, home decor & furniture stores, and home improvement service providers.

Working with both local and national companies, selling services and products alike, our agency has the in-house expertise to deliver superior results. Our services outperform those of other agencies because we have already been through the learning curve, have engaged in thousands of design industry marketing experiments, and thus bring an unprecedented amount of insight and experience to serving the design industry.


Why You’ll Love Working with Us

gears Technical Expertise

Client Expander has a solid core team of techies that can effortlessly navigate through the most complex technical challenges. Our resident geeks enjoy resolving all of your difficulties including website hosting & transfer, email setup & support, website migration, domain transfer, schema markup, tracking and remarketing pixel set-up. We have the knowledge and processes to identify unknown technical issues that are hindering your online marketing potential and bringing them to fully resolution.


lamp Marketing Creativity

Client Expander steps outside of the box to present your brand in the language of your buyer. We speak multiple languages including upscale-ese, homeowner-ese, design professional-ese, and business owner-ese. This allows us to communicate in a way that makes sense to the target in their performed format. Understanding the target’s needs and motivations, meeting them where they are at, and making the offer clear and compelling, is what our creative team achieves for clients daily.


line-chart No Numbers Games

Many agencies measure their success based upon numbers that don’t directly matter to you- site visitors, social media follows, and other easy-to-manipulate metrics. Our entire effort is devoted to the only number that matters- increasing your qualified leads. Client Expander’s marketing campaigns are carefully tailored to build your brand and make people want to do business with you. We help people know, like, and trust you, which is essential for long-term sales success. When they want to do business with you, we know we did our best- and not a moment before.


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Betty Wasserman Client Expender Reviews Digital Marketing

Our Clients say It Best!


We began working together in 2013, they have helped me redesign our website, make it available on all platforms, kept us relevant on the internet with our Google placement both in New York City and in The Hamptons.

There is nothing they cannot do. They are constantly making suggestions to make our social media presence stronger. Client Expander's marketing efforts has been effective in attracting our ideal client and getting the big budget projects that we desire. We could not be happier!

Betty Wasserman

Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors
Interior design marketing review by Studio Designer

Our Clients say It Best!

As a technology company in the interior designer industry, Studio Designer has a special appreciation for the reliability and professionalism of Client Expander. The wide ranges of services Ken and his team have provided are invaluable for us, and their expertise in marketing and social media is unmatched.

They are more than a service provider; they are thoughtful collaborators who know how, where, and when to communicate each aspect of your company’s story. Studio Designer has confidently relied on their partnership and knowledge for years.

Robert Stone

Studio Designer


What Your Digital Marketing Campaign Will Look Like

Digital marketing campaigns are complicated process with a broad scope of actions that must be initiated in unison or sequentially in order to achieve the targeted results. Client Expander has developed a proprietary workflow process for our campaigns to ensure that everything is done as planned, and on-time. Our project management software and project managers work with the whole of our team to achieve these ends. While the process changes based on the specific needs of a particular client, these steps are representative of our process:

  • Discovery. We learn about your company and marketing objectives, and then audit your online presence, competitive position and keyword targeting.
  • client-expander-digital-marketing

  • Strategy. We develop a marketing strategy that includes clear goals and the timeframes in which to achieve them.
  • Onboarding. We gather your logins, clean up your social channels, establish directory listings, optimize or create your Google ‘My Business’ listing, make or suggest website revisions and prepare other technical settings and analytical tools as required.
  • Implementation. Recurring activities include content creation, social media promotions, Houzz optimization, video marketing, digital PR, and data collection.
  • Strategic Review. We review the results of each piece of content that we create and promote so as to inform the next piece- enabling us to always be increasing our effectiveness.

The backbone of our digital marketing campaigns is our dedication to and exclusive focus on the home design industry. We work with:home-design-pros-internet-marketing-services

  • Home design professionals including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, builders, and design-build firms, and other home design and construction professionals,
  • Home decor stores and company showrooms,
  • Manufacturers
  • Tech and other companies selling to home pros

A unique aspect of our affordable online lead generation marketing services is that your dedicated account managers are both industry leaders in marketing innovation and excellence. Client Expander’s client success can be largely attributed to this high-level contact.

For marketing services, your sole point of contact is our CEO Ken Lewis, who personally ensures that you don’t waste your precious time dealing with a junior rep who doesn’t have the depth of knowledge to make every point of communication meaningful, productive, and efficient. He coordinates all client communications with the Client Expander marketing team, and continually explores new ways to make your campaign even more effective in generating high-quality sales leads.


For your website development needs, your point of contact is our Head of Development. With a background in both design and tech, she oversees all website design and coding matters and is constantly looking for ways to increase your website’s aesthetic, user-experience, performance, and security.

If you are interested in learning more about what our digital marketing agency can deliver to your business, request an appointment.

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