Niche Digital Marketing for
Interior Designers, Architects, Builders, and Their Vendors

A Successful Internet Marketing Firm is an Internet Marketing firm based in the Palm Beach area that specializes in the marketing needs of home professionals and their vendors.  We are focused on customer-driven marketing services.

We are a subsidiary of Kenneth Lewis & Associates, an Internet Marketing consultancy involved in multiple verticals including hospitality and manufacturing. is a response to our growing success and specialization as an interior design marketing firm.   These days we spend over 95% of our team’s time on interior design marketing campaigns.


Marketing Specialists, SEO Experts

Our speciality is inbound marketing with a special focus on SEO, PR, and brand building.  We are master social media strategists, and we are the leading authority of using for marketing.  Our SEO is second to none.

Our “secret sauce” is our master of ceremony, Ken Lewis.  As the owner, president, spokesperson, and project manager, he is the one who skillfully balances the art and science of marketing with your very real bottom-line needs.  Ken is the one who focuses on your Return on Investment (ROI).  He does, after all, come from a business family, and he knows that he is ultimately accountable to the numbers.

You might want to think of Ken as the manager of your marketing department.  Together you will discuss your goals, dreams, aspirations, and directions, and then he will sit with his assistant strategist, set the course of action, and unleash the power of our marketing machine.


Marketing With Integrity For Firms With Integrity

We pride ourselves in helping our clients heal their wounds of distrust of having dealt with other website designers and developers who have disappointed them.  Disappointed is unfortunately the par for course in the world of Internet Marketing service providers.  There are a lot of programming “geeks” who don’t understand service and vision, web designers  who don’t understand search engine optimization and admin-friendly site development, and sleazy leisure suit wearing hucksters who think that they can run an Internet Marketing company because they’ve had moderate success running a blog about their favorite video game.

We don’t promise you a hundred (useless) backlinks to your site per month, nor do we promise you number one positions in the search engine results for every one of your 300 major keywords.  What we do promise is sincere partnership in moving your marketing efforts forward.  And, out of sincerity comes a lot of number one positions and first page placements.  We are not satisfied until our clients are in the top few positions in search and their phones are ringing.


Full Service To Ease Your Mind

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you, without you even needing to give it a second thought.  We take your content, your strengths, and your efforts, and we attach them to a rocket and send them to the marketing moon.

We show up for you and your firm’s marketing needs.  We have a natural gratitude to be at your service, and we are deeply concerned about your success.


We Love What You Do For A Living

We all love interior design, as well as gardens and other places of beauty.  When we aren’t talking marketing, our conversation often drifts over to the power of a space to shift something inside of us.  We are connoisseurs of the good life, and love entertaining in our homes.

We see that people respond to the beauty of the world around us in a way that is akin to a magnetic pull.  We all feel drawn to beauty, and thus we feel deeply satisfied in partnering with an industry that is a great contributor to the creation of beauty.  We believe in what you do for a living, and thus find supporting you as a path of integrity and passion.

Ken’s family was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have the celebrity designer, Nate Berkus, design their full interior while their home was under construction, including baths and kitchen and all new furniture.  So Ken is well aware of the daily joy of living in a well-designed space.

Are You Ready For Fantastic Results?

We consistently deliver top search engine placement for our clients, and increase the quantity and quality of their leads and sales.

If you are considering hiring us to be your marketing team, a great place to start is by scheduling consultation below.

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